Wednesday, April 11

Session 1 (10:30-12:30): Networks

Session Chair: Cong Liu, University of Texas at Dallas, USA

  • FD-PaS: A Fully Distributed Packet Scheduling Framework for Handling Disturbances in Real-Time Wireless Networks [pdf]
    Tianyu Zhang, Tao Gong, Zelin Yun, Song Han, Qingxu Deng and X. Sharon Hu
  • IEEE 802.1Qbv Gate Control List Synthesis using Array Theory Encoding [pdf]
    Ramon Serna Oliver, Silviu Craciunas and Wilfried Steiner
  • Timing Analysis of AVB Traffic in TSN Networks using Network Calculus [pdf]
    Luxi Zhao, Paul Pop, Zhong Zheng and Qiao Li
  • Buffer-Aware Worst-Case Timing Analysis of Wormhole NoCs Using Network Calculus [pdf]
    Frédéric Giroudot and Ahlem Mifdaoui

Session 2 (14:00-15:30): Virtualization

Session Chair: Francisco J. Cazorla, The Spanish National Research Council, Spain

  • QuartzV: Bringing Quality of Time to Virtual Machines [pdf]
    Sandeep D’souza and Raj Rajkumar
  • Predictable Virtualization on Memory Protection Unit-based Microcontrollers [pdf]
    Runyu Pan, Gregor Peach, Yuxin Ren and Gabriel Parmer
  • BlueVisor: A Scalable Real-Time Hardware Hypervisor for Heterogeneous Many-core Embedded Systems [pdf]
    Zhe Jiang, Neil Audsley and Pan Dong

Session 3 (16:00-17:00): Brief Presentations and Demos

Session Chairs: Jing Li, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA and Hyoseung Kim, University of California Riverside, USA


  • Work-in-Progress: A Flattened Priority Framework for Mixed-Criticality Real-time Systems [pdf]
    Zonghui Li, Hai Wan, Yangdong Deng and Ming Gu
  • Work-in-Progress: A Hot-Patching Protocol for Repairing Time-Triggered Network Schedules [pdf]
    Francisco Pozo, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas and Hans Hansson
  • Work-in-Progress: RWS – A Roulette Wheel Scheduler For Preventing Execution Pattern Leakage [pdf]
    Ying Zhang, Lingxiang Wang, Wei Jiang and Zhishan Guo


  • Work-Already-Published: Reliability Optimization on Multi-Core Systems with Multi-Tasking and Redundant Multi-Threading [pdf]
    Kuan-Hsun Chen, Georg von der Brüggen and Jian-Jia Chen
  • Work-Already-Published: mRPL+: a mobility management framework in RPL/6LoWPAN [pptx]
    Hossein Fotouhi

Demo abstracts

  • Demo Abstract: 6TiSCH in Full Bloom: From Dynamic Resource Management to Cloud-based Network Analytics [pdf]
    Tao Gong, Huayi Ji, Tianyu Zhang, Jianwei Zhou, Xiaolin Lu, Xiaobo Sharon Hu and Song Han
  • Demo Abstract: Industrial IoT Field Gateway Design for Heterogeneous Process Monitoring and Control [pdf]
    Tao Gong, Shaobo Zheng, Mark Nixon, Eric Rotvold and Song Han
  • Demo Abstract: Real-time Heterogeneous Edge Computing System for Social Sensing Applications [pdf]
    Daniel (Yue) Zhang, Nathan Vance and Dong Wang
  • Demo Abstract: Slate XNS – An Online Management Tool for Deterministic TSN Networks [pdf]
    Silviu Craciunas, Ramon Serna Oliver and Wilfried Steiner

Thursday, April 12

Session 4 (10:30-12:30): Multi-mode and mixed-critical systems

Session Chair: Bjorn Andersson, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  • SafeMC: A system for the design and evaluation of mode change protocols [pdf]
    Tianyang Chen and Linh Thi Xuan Phan
    Outstanding Paper Award
  • Multi-Mode Virtualization for Soft Real-Time Systems [pdf]
    Haoran Li, Meng Xu, Chong Li, Chenyang Lu, Chris Gill, Linh Thi Xuan Phan, Insup Lee and Oleg Sokolsky
  • Physical-State-Aware Dynamic Slack Management for Mixed-Criticality Systems [pdf]
    Hoon Sung Chwa, Kang Shin, Hyeongboo Baek and Jinkyu Lee
  • Mixed Criticality Systems with Varying Context Switch Costs [pdf]
    Robert Davis, Sebastian Altmeyer and Alan Burns

Session 5 (14:00-15:30): Resource Sharing

Session Chair: Sibin Mohan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

  • Scalable Memory Reclamation for Multi-Core, Real-Time Systems [pdf]
    Yuxin Ren, Guyue Liu, Gabriel Parmer and Björn Brandenburg
    Best Student Paper and Outstanding Paper Awards
  • Shared-Resource-Centric Limited Preemptive Scheduling: A Comprehensive Study of Suspension-base Partitioning Approaches [pdf]
    Zheng Dong, Cong Liu, Soroush Bateni, Kuan-Hsun Chen, Jian-Jia Chen, Georg von der Brüggen and Junjie Shi
  • Analytical Enhancements and Practical Insights for MPCP with Self-Suspensions [pdf]
    Pratyush Patel, Iljoo Baek, Hyoseung Kim and Ragunathan (Raj) Rajkumar
    Best Presentation Award

Session 6 (16:00-17:30): GPU

Session Chair: Marko Bertogna, University of Modena, Italy

  • S^3DNN: Supervised Streaming and Scheduling for GPU-accelerated Real-Time DNN Workloads
    Husheng Zhou, Soroush Bateni and Cong Liu
    Best Paper and Outstanding Paper Awards
  • A GPU Kernel Transactionization Scheme for Preemptive Priority Scheduling [pdf]
    Hyeonsu Lee, Jaehun Roh and Euiseong Seo
  • MERLOT: Architectural Support for Energy-Efficient Real-time Processing in GPUs [pdf]
    Muhammad Santriaji and Henry Hoffmann

Award Ceremony (17:30-17:45)


Friday, April 13

Session 7 (10:30-12:30): Models, synthesis and analysis

Session Chair: Linh Thi Xuan Phan, University of Pennsylvania, USA

  • Timed C: An Extension to the C Programming Language for Real-Time Systems
    Saranya Natarajan and David Broman
    Outstanding Paper Award
  • Achieving Predictable Multicore Execution of Automotive Applications Using the LET Paradigm [pdf]
    Alessandro Biondi and Marco Di Natale
  • Mining Task Precedence Graphs from Real-Time Embedded System Traces [pdf]
    Oleg Iegorov and Sebastian Fischmeister
  • Schedulability Analysis and Software Synthesis for Graph-Based Task Models with Resource Sharing
    Jakaria Abdullah, Gaoyang Dai, Morteza Mohaqeqi and Wang Yi

Session 8 (14:00-15:30) : Scheduling

Session Chair: Hyoseung Kim, University of California Riverside, USA

  • FIFO with Offsets: High Schedulability with Low Overheads [pdf]
    Mitra Nasri, Robert Davis and Björn Brandenburg
  • The Concept of Response Time Estimation Range for Optimizing Systems Scheduled with Fixed Priority
    Yecheng Zhao and Haibo Zeng
  • Firmness analysis of real-time applications under static-priority preemption scheduling
    Amir Behrouzian, Dip Goswami, Twan Basten, Marc Geilen, Hadi Alizadeh Ara and Martijn Hendriks

Session 9 (16:00-17:30): Cyber-Physical Systems

Session Chair: David Broman, KTH, Sweden

  • A Clockless Synchronisation Framework for Cooperating Mobile Robots [pdf]
    Luis Oliveira, Luís Almeida and Daniel Mosse
  • A Real-Time and Non-Cooperative Task Allocation Framework for Social Sensing Applications in Edge Computing Systems [pdf]
    Daniel (Yue) Zhang, Yue Ma, Yang Zhang, Suwen Lin, X. Sharon Hu and Dong Wang
  • Closing the Gap between Stability and Schedulability: A New Task Model for Cyber-Physical Systems [pdf]
    Hoon Sung Chwa, Kang Shin and Jinkyu Lee

Best Presentation Award and Farewell Ceremony (17:30 – 17:40)